The flight to London

feet on the wallOkay, this is a test. We saw movies on a very very long flight. The weirdest part of the flight from San Francisco to London is probably the sequence of watching a double feature, turning on the computer to discover it is just after midnight, looking out the window and watching the sun rise as we race east. Some passengers got quite comfortable, though. I appreciated the feet on the wall.

It was watching the feet on the wall that gave me the idea of whipping out the ol' laptop and camera, taking the image, downloading it on the spot to the computer, fussing with it in the braindead [but friendly!] Kodak software (still guessing at colors in sixteen shades of grey), and writing some text to wrap around the images. If the equipment continues to work, and if it doesn't get stolen, and if I'm not distracted by being on vacation, I could see this being a lot of fun!

On to London

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